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Securing the home front

In 2020, malware and ransomware more than tripled, and phishing attacks grew to an average of 400 per household. Okyo Garde is designed to stop them.

Permanent work from home means a new wave of cybersecurity challenges

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Why Do You Need Okyo Home?

You’re tricked into clicking on a phishing link

What might look like a harmless email from your child’s school or like a text notification from your express delivery service can actually be a sophisticated “phishing” attack. Cybercriminals use well disguised fake emails or phone numbers that bait you into clicking through to malicious websites to provide sensitive information like, passwords, account numbers, or credit card details. And just like that, they take over your accounts. Okyo Garde keeps an innocent click from becoming stolen information by preventing the connection to the malicious website from ever happening.

An online ad contains malware and ends up costing you

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about “ransomware.” These types of attacks can start in the places you least expect. Online ads can contain small pieces of code that get downloaded to your computer without your knowledge to establish a base on your device for connecting to malicious sites. Those sites can then download ransomware to your computer, which, as the name implies, can encrypt your data until you agree to pay a big sum of money to have it unlocked. Okyo Garde can protect you by preventing the malicious code in the ad from downloading on your device.

Your smart TV catches a virus

Our homes are becoming “smarter” through more and more devices connecting to the internet. Unfortunately, those connections offer an opportunity for cybercriminals. Just like your laptop, your new smart TV can become infected with viruses. Those viruses can allow an attacker to remotely take over the microphone on your smart TV and listen to everything going on in your house. Those viruses can also give cybercriminals a path to accessing other things on your home network, like your tablet to steal personal information or even home security systems to unlock your doors when you are away. Okyo Garde makes your smart TV and all of the connected devices in your home more secure by preventing them from connecting to malicious actors on the open internet, so you can watch your TV without it watching you.

You’re working from home and you disable your VPN

If you use a work computer at home from your employer, it's likely that it has VPN (virtual private network) software on it to connect your computer to your employer's corporate network securely. But sometimes you might disable the VPN. For example, you may want to access a job site without your employer knowing it, and accidentally end up downloading a job description from an attacker posing as a recruiter. The downloaded file could infect your work computer and that infection can then move to your corporate systems. Okyo Garde prevents the connection to the attacker even if the work VPN is disabled on the computer, keeping both you and the company safe.

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