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Okyo Garde for Small Businesses

Securing small businesses

Cybercriminals are targeting small businesses with increasingly sophisticated attacks. In a given year, more than 2 out of 3 small businesses in the U.S. can expect to experience a cyberattack.2 Are you protected?

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Why Do You Need Okyo for Small Businesses?

You inadvertently download malware from an unknown site

The pandemic has led to an increase in cyberattacks on small businesses — even very technical people have become susceptible to sneaky and sophisticated attacks. So, when you’re rushing to book travel for an important customer meeting and click on a low fare banner ad, probably the last thing on your mind is cybercrime. But that particular ad can easily download a small amount of code to your computer, establishing a connection to a malicious site on the internet. With remote control of your computer, an attacker can download a program called a keylogger to your device, which sends everything you type on your keyboard to the bad guys — from usernames to passwords to your clients' information to other sensitive business and personal data. Okyo Garde can protect your business by preventing downloaded code from contacting malicious destinations on the internet.

Your system could automatically open the door for ransomware

Someone might think they’re innocently checking their personal email in a browser while on a break from work, but many systems are set by default to download email images automatically, and it's possible for bad computer code to hide in those images. Once downloaded, this kind of code can call for reinforcements to infect the computer and lock it, along with all your business’s sensitive information, until you pay up. This is called ransomware, and it's on the rise.

An employee falls prey to a phishing attack

A restaurant’s business has been booming since they’ve partnered with a new food delivery app. So, when the manager sees an email that their account is about to be suspended, it’s easy to see how the manager might click on it and quickly log in to the restaurant's account to make sure business won't be interrupted. Unfortunately the email wasn’t really from their app. Instead it was from a hacker looking to steal passwords. That’s an extremely convincing type of attack, called phishing, that’s designed to trick you into unwittingly sharing login and password information. Okyo Garde would not have allowed the connection to the fake app’s site and would have prevented the attack from succeeding.

Your cameras and microphones get hacked

When you’re a small business, popularity and attention is great news. But that kind of success can also attract a different kind of attention. With online security cameras becoming increasingly the norm, it's possible that yours could be compromised by a virus designed to record and secretly send the video feed elsewhere, auctioning the footage off to the highest bidder. Okyo Garde would prevent your camera from being connected to a malicious attacker and from sending your video stream to the wrong place.

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