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Okyo Garde Pricing

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by Palo Alto Networks

All Okyo Garde subscriptions include a top-of-the-line mesh-enabled WiFi router at no additional cost.

What's included

Protects against malicious software like, viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. aimed to steal information or damage computers.
Protects against malicious software designed to lock up access to devices and data until a sum of money (ransom) is paid.
Protects against fraudulent websites, often planted as links in emails or texts, pretending to be from reputable sources to persuade individuals to reveal valuable personal information, such as passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.
Cover your home or small business with fast, reliable, premium WiFi.
Identifies and provides visibility to all the devices connected to your network and prevents attackers from accessing and controlling those devices.
Prevents malicious attackers across the open internet from taking control of your devices remotely and attacking you and others on your network.
Provides visibility to suspicious activities, as that is often an early warning sign from a user or device leading to a potentially more malicious attack.
Protects and supports multiple devices, perfect for Home, small business and enterprise set up, etc.

Securing your network is simple.


Pick the subscription tier that fits your needs.

All Okyo Garde subscriptions are billed annually but now through Affirm you can opt for monthly payments instead.


Choose your add-ons.

Optionally, get extra nodes to extend your network or Okyo Concierge,1 our premium support service.

Okyo mesh nodes + Okyo Concierge


Install and get secured.

Installation is designed to be super simple – no technical skills needed.


Within 30 days of purchase

If you’ve purchased your Okyo Garde by placing an order, you have 30 days from the receipt of the device for a full refund (excluding the original shipping costs).

After 30 days from purchase but within your first year commitment

If you’ve purchased your Okyo Garde by placing an order and it’s after 30 days from the original receipt of the device but before the first year subscription term commitment has ended, you may be eligible to receive up to a 50% pro-rated refund of the original purchase price.

After your first year commitment

No refunds after your first year subscription term commitment has ended. Please note, if you choose to cancel your subscription’s auto renewal, your device and security service will be turned off and it will no longer function on the last day of the current billing term.

No. Okyo Garde is all about bringing advanced security to the home and small business. Okyo Garde, in essence, is the combination of a powerful mesh-enabled WiFi router and advanced security. A security subscription is required for the router to work.

Okyo Garde is a new service from Palo Alto Networks that combines enterprise-grade cybersecurity with consumer simplicity. Okyo Garde is a state-of-the-art mesh-enabled WiFi and security system that protects the people and smart-devices (IoT) in your home or small office from malware, phishing, viruses, and other malicious activity.

Okyo Garde is sold as a subscription service to protect all your connected devices for one flat annual fee that auto-renews each year thereafter. Each Okyo Garde subscription includes the mesh-enabled router (hardware), advanced security protection, and a mobile app for you to control everything on your network.

Okyo Garde is incredibly simple to set up and use. No tech degree or security team is required.

Okyo Concierge is premium support for small businesses or anyone wanting extra attention to onsite installation, 24x7 support, and troubleshooting. Okyo Concierge includes:

  • Unlimited phone and online support for any Okyo Garde needs
  • A one-time onsite installation and setup of Okyo Garde devices to optimize network performance
  • Basic training on Okyo Garde features and setup of the Okyo mobile app (iOS or Android)

Okyo Concierge runs concurrently with your main subscription term (1-year or 3-years). The recurring price is $99 per year (until you cancel) with an additional one-time initiation fee of $49.

Some of the Okyo Concierge services are provided by a third-party, professional installation service company that is not employed or subcontracted by us.

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